shawn-maxwell-quartetThe Shawn Maxwell Quartet is not your average jazz quartet. While the instrumentation, alto sax/piano/bass/drums, is fairly common, the writing, approach & style are anything but.  The band focuses on all original material penned by Shawn, is his own unique voice. The results are a high energy mixture of bebop, rock, hip hop, classical and fusion.


Shawn Maxwell – Alto Saxophone, Clarinet & Flute
Matt Nelson – Piano
Junius Paul – Acoustic Bass
Phil Beale – Drums

Shawn Maxwell’s Alliance

Shawn Maxwell’s Alliance is a group of ten Chicago musicians that focus on modern, original, jazz music. The style is said to be a mix of classic & modern jazz along with elements of music from greats Phillip Glass & Frank Zappa. Learn more…

Shawn Maxwell’s New Tomorrow

Shawn Maxwell’s New Tomorrow is a quintet made up of five of Chicago’s finest musicians. Performing all original material, they specialize in a style of jazz that is heavily influenced and blended with several other modern genres. Learn more…