Shawn Maxwell’s Alliance is a group of ten Chicago musicians that focus on modern, original, jazz music. The style is said to be a mix of classic & modern jazz along with elements of music from greats Phillip Glass & Frank Zappa.  The mixture of these styles, along with unique instrumentation,  sets Maxwell’s Alliance apart from other “big bands” and is a must see. Compositions in Maxwell’s Alliance, like most jazz music, rely on a good deal of improvisation, but also utilize very heavy composed/arranged lines & phrases.


Shawn Maxwell – alto saxophone, clarinet & flute
Casey Fitzpatrick – soprano saxophone
Keri Johnsrud – voice
Mitch Corso – guitar
Stephen Lynerd – vibraphone & percussion
Marc Piane – bass
Stacy McMichael – bass
Meghan Fulton – french horn
Rachel Maxwell – french horn
Paul Townsend – drums


Shawn Maxwell’s New Tomorrow

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The Shawn Maxwell Quartet

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Shawn Maxwell Millstream

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