J Town Suite

2023 – Shawn Maxwell J Town Suite

Album Information


Shawn Maxwell – alto & soprano saxophones, flute
Collin Clauson – rhodes
Michael Barton – bass
Greg Essig – drums

Recording Credits

All compositions copyright Shawn Maxwell 2023
Published by Shawn Maxwell Publishing (BMI)

Produced by Shawn Maxwell & Nick Eipers
Recorded by Nick Eipers at Electrical Audio Studio A, Chicago IL
Assisted by Taylor Hales
Mixed and Mastered by Nick Eipers at Crann Darach, Chicago IL

Photography by Michael Barton
Cover Design by Nick Eipers

Track List
  1. Steelmen March6:53
  2. Fries Or Rings in the Back8:16
  3. Herald's News1:47
  4. In the Shadow of Statesville5:32
  5. Jerry6:53
  6. Tap, Keg & Tavern2:8
  7. Hickory Street1:59
  8. Bridge Closed5:18
  9. Ghost Mall on Jefferson3:20