Shawn Maxwell’s Alliance

2014 – Shawn Maxwell’s Alliance

– Bobby Reed, Downbeat Magazine

“Nobody writes like this.”
– Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

“A singular work of true musical fusion.”
– Hrayr Attarian,

“Maxwell’s scores proved as unusual as his taste for instrumental color, the pieces shifting from jazz-swing rhythm one moment to classical downbeats the next, from bebop phraseology to long and incantatory phrases to perky, funk-tinged melody making… Nobody writes like this.”
Howard Reich‚ Chicago Tribune

One of S. Victor Aaron’s “Best of 2014”

“…this special union begat is predictably unpredictable, too. In the best possible way… It’s not just the weapons used but how they’re deployed. Maxwell exploits selective layering and counter harmonies in tactful ways such that it doesn’t ever sound overly dense or cluttered… Shawn Maxwell’s Alliance is a large jazz band album that’s made for those skeptical about large bands.”
S. Victor Aaron‚

Album Information


Shawn Maxwell: alto & tenor saxophones, flute, clarinet
Chris Greene: soprano saxophone
Keri Johnsrud: voice
Stephen Lynerd: vibraphone, percussion
Mitch Corso: guitar
Rachel Maxwell: french horn
Meghan Fulton: french horn
Stacy McMichael: bass
Marc Piane: bass
Paul Townsend: drums

Track List
  1. Fun Five Funk5:27
  2. Iynes Crayons8:24
  3. Egot1:36
  4. From Parts Unknown3:55
  5. Song for Something Else2:06
  6. Plaza2:17
  7. Waiting Food4:15
  8. Pistols n' Tulips4:43
  9. Bitty Bitty Beep6:05
  10. Quartan1:28
  11. Radio Hit Number Four3:43
  12. Here's Your Swing Tune1:13
  13. Little Ninja Groove3:36
  14. Perpetual Day One1:25
  15. Looking for Alex2:27
  16. Full Count3:25
  17. Shadowbox3:02
  18. You Alright!? I Learned It By Watching You!2:49